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Screen Print

What is screen print?

Screen print is a popular way to print these days, it’s the chosen way when it comes to printing on clothes, for example custom t shirts, printing on posters and even vinyl and wood materials. It’s the method of creating an image on paper, fabric or other materials through pressing ink through a screen with a stencil. It has a range of uses including mugs and tshirt printing. This can also be referred to as silk screen printing, serigraphy and serigraph printing.

What process does a screen printer follow?

Screen printing involves one colour at a time being applied, each separate colour requires a separate screen, for example a design with four colours requires four screens. The required image will be transferred onto a fine fabric and the non-printing areas will be blocked off, so the fabric becomes a stencil and the ink is opened across the screen and passes through the unblocked areas. As each colour requires its own screen, the process will be repeated.

What products can be created through screen print?

This print method is great for a range of high quality products including…

As well as many more.

Screen Printing services from Crystal Sign & Print in Billericay, Essex

What are the benefits of screen printing?

This print technique is great when it comes to processing large orders of clothing goods, for example more than 10 printed tshirts. By printing tshirts, whether it’s for personal or commercial reasons, is beneficial as they have a good reputation for washing well and the print quality will be maintained for a long time. More recently this has become popular when creating products with photograph prints. Screen printing is also one of the best options for vibrant products such as dark shirt printing.

The top screen printing benefits…

Why use screen printing?

Screen printing is great when it comes to creating a variety of products, for example for your business, workwear printing involves printing your company’s logo onto clothing. T shirt logo printing can also be great for your business, but also for any other personalised clothing you’d like to design.

When it comes to business, personalised company wear makes your employees look professional and also creates more brand awareness.

Custom designed clothing can also make a great present for someone or are brilliant when worn on group activities and events with friends.

So for high quality printing whether its tshirt making or copying, choose screen printing for the highest product standard.